Jeremy Kurtz-Harris


Welcome to the SDSU Bass Studio Home Page.

Prospective Students:

Due to the effect of the CA wildfires on many students, the application deadline for _all_ undergraduate admissions has been extended to December 15, 2018.

You can find more information about the application process for the university here.

For more information about auditioning for the School of Music, visit one of these links:

Undergraduate Auditions

Graduate Auditions -- please note that even thought the application deadline for graduate students is March 1st, the audition deadline is February 1st

*I offer a free trial lesson to any students who are planning to apply.  This can be done in-person, or by Skype/Facetime.  Contact me for further information.


SDSU Bass Events:

Welcome back! Here is the academic schedule for Spring 2019 Semester at SDSU.

Contact me for information about the bass class schedule.  These classes are free and open to all San Diego area bass students. 


March 13 noon: Jeremy Kurtz-Harris Faculty Recital (free, open to the public), Smith Recital Hall

March 19 3:30-5:30pm: Guest Masterclass with Jeremy McCoy

June 18 - 22: San Diego Bass Fest at SDSU



Part of learning an instrument is modeling your playing on that of experts.  One way to do this is listening to recordings and watching videos of outstanding string players.  Since it can be hard to know where to start when building up your own collection of recordings, refer to the SDSU Bass Studio recommendations list on Amazon for suggestions.  In addition, the SDSU Library has a large collection of recordings with bass.  Click here to download a PDF list.

Music Scores:

In addition to the collection of recordings listed above, the SDSU Library maintains a large collection of sheet music of bass solos, technique books, and chamber music.  Here is a list of what is currently in the collection, courtesy of librarian Stephen Savage.

Online Resources:

See the Resource Page for downloads of scales, arpeggios, and play-along tracks.  Visit the Links page for other internet resources.


Visit the SDSU Bass Studio Youtube Channel for recommended videos.

For Alexander Technique inspired warm-ups, please see Eileen Troberman's videos from her November 2013 SDSU seminar.

Previous Classes:

We have been fortunate to have many wonderful guest appearances at the SDSU bass studio in recent years. 

Bruce Bransby -- masterclass October 2011

Mark Dresser -- masterclass April 2011

Sam Hager -- masterclass November 2012

Jory Herman -- masterclass March 2012; solo recital April 2014

Diana Gannett -- masterclass May 2014

Barry Green -- masterclass March 2014

Michael Klinghoffer -- masterclass February 2013

Peter Lloyd -- masterclass April 2017

Andres Martin -- masterclass March 2010

Kurt Muroki -- masterclass November 2014

Tracy Rowell -- masterclass March 2018

Bertram Turetzky -- masterclass October 2012

Jeffrey Weisner -- masterclass September 2011

Susan Wulff -- masterclass May 2012; February 2014

Ali Yazdanfar -- masterclass March 2016