Sueños (Dream Suite) by Andrés Martin

"Sueños" was commissioned by a consortium of 21 bassists from around the  world, organized by Jeremy Kurtz-Harris.  Tijuana-based  composer/bassist Andrés Martin was asked to write a multi-movement work for double bass and piano, with whatever structure  inspired him.  After having a melody come to him in a dream (one that eventually became  part of the first movement), Martin decided to write a five-movement  suite, based on different dreams:  Falling Asleep, Water, To Die, Flying, and Escape. 

"Edge" by Peter Askim

Composer’s notes: 

 “EDGE is the sharp but delicate lines of a cut diamond; the sheen of sound as it slices the silence; the precision of a surgical knife. Edge is the gritty underside of the pulsing city: dangerous, vital. It is a slalom ski as it speeds downhill — barely balancing and almost, but not quite, losing control. Precarious, but exhilarating . . .  EDGE was commissioned by the International Society of Bassists as the required piece of the 2003 Solo Competition.”

Contrabass Conversations #605

This impromptu conversation with Joel Braun at the 2019 ISB convention turned into a full podcast episode once Jason Heath showed up.